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Ikay Design

Engraved Cow Sippy Tumbler - 10oz Custom Kids Cup for Boys and Girls, Animal-themed Sippy Cup

Engraved Cow Sippy Tumbler - 10oz Custom Kids Cup for Boys and Girls, Animal-themed Sippy Cup

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Personalized Polar Camel Sippy Cups are 10oz double wall insulated powder coated cups featuring removable handles, a silicone boot, and spill proof lid. The screw on lid features a hard plastic spout with a rubber leak proof valve. The cup can be used with or without the heavy-duty plastic handles that attach to the lid.

They offer plenty of space for personalization and can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

The plastic lid may need an occasional deep cleaning.

Length 2 3/4"
Height 5 1/2"
Width 2 3/4"
Overall Size 5" (W) x 7" (H) with Lid

Engraving will be in silver.

If you have any special requests, please send us (Creative Laser Geeks)
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Craftsmanship & Personalized Touch with Laser!

We add sophistication to leather wallets, cutting boards, and thermos cups through precision laser work. Personalize your items with our exclusive designs, and trust in our quality.

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